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Pete's Lawn Care LLC is a residential lawn care company offering all the services you need to enjoy a gorgeous front lawn. I have 15 years of experience in the industry, and I take pride in providing quality work and excellent customer service. 


As the owner and operator of my business, I’m able to prioritize quality over speed. Whether bush trimming or seeding, I pay attention to the details that matter to customers.


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Lawn mowing is an essential part of lawn care that keeps your yard looking neat. However, lawn maintenance doesn’t stop at mowing. Aeration of the soil gives plant roots better access to the air and water they need to grow. Firmly packed or compacted soil doesn’t circulate nutrients as well.

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Lawn Mowing


Leave The Yard Work To Us

Fertilization is an excellent way to deliver vital nutrients to your lawn and ensure it is as lush as possible. Nitrogen is a big part of grass growth and greenery. Too little means brittle, dull lawns, but too much can make your grass grow faster than ever, requiring more trims. I’ll help you find the sweet spot that nourishes the yard perfectly.

Contact me today for reliable lawn care and maintenance in Mooresville, NC! I offer a package that includes all of your lawn care needs in one service.

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I hired Pete after finding him on Google and I was really impressed with his work ethic and just how much pride he takes in what he does. He was able to have our yard looking great again and just in time for Thanksgiving and our family coming over. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to get the job done right !

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