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Bush Trimming

Bushes are an excellent decorative option for any yard or garden. However, like all plants, they have the potential to grow unchecked into unsightly shapes and sizes.

I can shape your bushes into neat, intentional shapes with sharp or rounded edges. Block hedges create a natural fence around your property, while round bushes have a pleasant and welcoming appearance. 

Aside from making your yard look better, trimming also keeps your plants healthy. It removes dead or dying branches and encourages the plant to grow branches more densely, improving its appearance. It also keeps the size in check to stop them from growing too large and into your neighbor’s yard.

For fruit trees and bushes, pruning improves the crop size. Pruning encourages them to grow more fruits in the future, which means you’ll get to enjoy more fresh fruit if you are diligent about trimming them.

Proper mulching at the base of your bush or tree will also encourage growth by protecting nutrients. Organic mulch breaks down into the soil and prevents water from evaporating too quickly. During mulching services, I’ll spread a thin layer of your mulch of choice over plant roots and flower beds so they can gain all the benefits of mulch. I aim to find solutions for all of my clients’ yard concerns!