My residential lawn care services are designed to give your lawn the attention it deserves. For the best results, lawns require more than just water and sun. Plants need nutrients and rich soil in order to thrive. Mulching is one way to enrich your lawn, but there are other options as well.

Lawn fertilization plays an important role in keeping your yard lush and green. Fertilizer with nitrogen feeds your lawn and makes it a vibrant green. As an experienced gardener, I know the best way to apply fertilizer and keep your lawn happy. Professional-grade equipment allows me to cover your entire lawn evenly and efficiently. 

Experts typically suggest fertilizing about once a month until winter hits, occasionally alternating fertilizer types to maximize the results. Fertilizer comes in several forms, including granular, liquid, and more. There’s also organic and synthetic fertilizer. Some synthetic fertilizers do double duty, killing weeds and pests while nourishing your plants.

At Pete's Lawn Care LLC, I collaborate with my clients to best express their unique and personal vision for their property. When you work with me, you can expect reliability, timeliness, and exceptional work. Together, we can set up a strategy to get your lawn back on track with aeration, mulching, and more. Contact me today for an appointment in Mooresville, NC!